Chip Tuning

Following recommendation from a friend, I appointed Tune-tec to apply one of their performance ECU upgrades to my new car. Their mobile workshop came to my home and after a thorough diagnostic scan of my car proceeded to write a custom performance file. The end results were excellent and the cars pickup was a lot faster and smoother than it was before and the whole turbo lag had gone. Even on long journeys the car picked up speed without the need to floor the throttle or even drop down a gear. I will definitely use Tune-tec again for future cars and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a performance upgrade on their car.

Julian Gray

Tune-tec remapped my Golf 1.9 TDI. The results were amazing the car was shockingly fast afterwards I couldn't believe it was the same car. Also about two months afterwards I noticed that the car had some hesitancy on acceleration. At first I thought it may have had something to do with the re-map so I called Tune-tec to investigate. They ran one of their Diagnostic Error Code Checking tests on my vehicle that discovered the car had a faulty Manifold Sensor. They then gave me the error code and fault and I took my car to my preferred garage who fixed the problem and my car is now driving perfectly again. Although the problem was a mechanical fault and had nothing to do with the engine remap, Tune-tec was happy to diagnose the problem with no questions or additional cost to me.

I would definitely recommend Tune-tec if you are considering a performance engine remap or even to check over the general health of your vehicle. They are an honest friendly and helpful company that are hard to find these days.

Faisel Saleem

Airbag Light Resetting

We are an insurance approved body repair shop in Birmingham and have lots of vehicles come in to us that have had crash's resulting in the air bags been released. Once we repair these vehicles we have to have the airbag warning light reset which often means a trip to the local dealer which can be time consuming when we have deadlines to meet. We now contract Tune-tec to complete this work as they are mobile and can come out to us on demand. They are an extremely efficient and professional company and we would definitely recommend them to any other body repair shop for this service.

Jason Huer, Auto Body Care

Diagnostic Error Code Checking

I purchased a repaired vehicle that had been involved in a light front end crash. I noticed afterwards that the vehicle was driving poorly and kept stalling for no apparent reason. I took the vehicle in to the main dealer who first questioned where the car had been repaired and then proceeded to tell me it had 100's of errors on the computer. Not happy with the outcome I took the car to Tune-tec as I heard they could do a total scan on the vehicle to provide me with a report of what was wrong. They completed one of their Diagnostic Error Code checking services on the vehicle that showed up that that the vehicle did not have 100's of errors and in fact it was the timing that was out on the car. I then took the car to my preferred garage who corrected this problem for me and now the car drives perfect.

I would highly recommend Tune-tec to anyone wanting an honest unbiased opinion on their vehicle especially if they feel there is something wrong with it and are reluctant to take to the main dealers.

Dean Hambleton

Odometer Repair

I own a Peugeot 206 HDI and foolishly attempted to jump start it with the aid of a friends car when the battery discharged itself. Unknowingly I was unaware that diesel cars should not be jump started and in the process of doing this corrupted the EEPROM data in the main body controller leaving me with an incorrect mileage reading and half the dashboard functions working incorrectly.

I rang Tune-tec who came out to my place of work and reprogrammed both the cluster and the body controller so that the mileage was put back to normal and all the functions worked correctly in my instrument cluster. Tune-tec carried this work out in a discrete and professional manner and I would highly recommend them to anyone that may have a problem with their mileage reading.

Jason Hall
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