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Auto Electrics

Auto Electrics

Tune-Tec's team of qualified Auto Electricians can supply and fit the following aftermarket vehicle enhancements.

ICE - (In Car Entertainment Systems)

If you require any other vehicle enhancement fitted to your vehicle or would like a full quotation on a complete system please go to our quotation page.

Parking Sensors (back to top)

Tune-tec can supply and professionally install front and rear parking sensors to aid drivers parking in confined areas. Bumper scuffs can often lead to expensive repair bills so these aftermarket parking aids are ideal especially if you drive a large vehicle or one with limited visibility.

Installations of these kits include a visual and audible display unit mounted on the rolex replica watches dash and front and rear sensors colour coded to your replica rolex watches vehicle. All kits are installed professionally with attention to interior trim and without any visible cables.

Please refer to our quotation page to request a price for your vehicle.


Blue Tooth Phone Kits (back to top)

With new legislation making it illegal to drive and use a mobile phone, having a breitling replica uk hands free phone kit is now a necessity for anyone making and receiving telephone calls on the move.

Tune-tec can professionally install and supply a range of hands free kits but specialise mainly in the range of Parrot kits as hublot uk we have found these to be the most effective and easy to use.

Please refer to our quotation page to request a price for your vehicle.


ICE - In Car Entertainment Systems (back to top)

Tune-tec specialise in the supply and installation of all kinds of Car Audio and Car DVD/Navigation solutions including, multimedia, CD players, DVD players, car stereos, car speakers, sub woofers, amplifiers, mp3 players, multi CD changers and all other car audio and DVD solutions.

If you are looking for car audio or DVD products of any major manufacturer including, Kenwood, Alpine, Clifford, JVC, Sony, LG, Panasonic or Pioneer, then Tune-tec can help. We have full installation facilities that can be carried out mobile.

Due to the complexity of these systems please email us at enquiries@tune-tec.com.


iPod Interface Kits (back to top)

Tune-tec can supply and install a range of iPod interface kits enabling you to listen to your music through your normal car stereo. A typical installation would exist of a cradle located in your glove box with it hard wired across to your stereo enabling it to supply music and be charged at the same time. For vehicles that have multi function steering wheel controls we can also adapt these to control the iPod as well.

Please refer to our quotation page to request a price for your vehicle.


Keyless Start Alarm Systems (back to top)

Tune-tec can supply and install a range of keyless start alarm systems that enable remote control starting of the vehicle without the key. The benefit of this system is that you don't need the key in the ignition to start a locked vehicle and in the event of you needing to leave the vehicle quickly from a possible security threat the vehicle will cut out leaving no keys in the car. Another benefit of this system is to enable the secure pre heating of the vehicle whilst you remain in doors.

Please refer to our quotation page to request a price for your vehicle.


Immobilisers (back to top)

An immobiliser is an electronic device that cuts into one or more electronic circuits of the car. They are operated either by a coded touch key or by a transponder key, without either the car will not start.

Tune-tec supply and install a range of Immobilisers that are all Industry approved i.e. they have been tested for reliability and ability to stop a thief from stealing the vehicle they are fitted to. These systems can only be fitted by trained personnel and come with an insurance certificate which you can pass on to your insurance company for a reduced premium.

Please refer to our quotation page to request a price for your vehicle.


Power Inverters (back to top)

Tune-tec can supply and install a range of power inverters to enable your vehicle to use 240V electrical items from a 12V battery. These systems are ideal for any business that may need to power electrical items on site or for any mobile home or long boat that needs a constant supply of 240V power.

All these systems are installed with split charge relay systems that keep battery power charged up when the vehicle is in motion. For vehicles needing high amounts of power we can also supply and install larger alternators.

Please refer to our quotation page to request a price for your vehicle.

AUSTRALIA T-0466 264 120-E enquiries@tune-tec.com
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