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Airbag & Service Light Resetting

Airbag Module Crash Data Removal Service

If you have an fake breitling Airbag Module that has crash data stored in it this will normally make it unuseable with a permanent Airbag warning light on the dashboard. At Tune-tec we can now clear crash data in most Airbag Modules making the unit functional again without the need of a new module and programming costs.

To use this service we will require the Airbag module make (TRW, Temic etc) and the software numbers off the Airbag module. Upon receipt of this we can confirm back to you that the Airbag Module can be reused and a cost to complete this service. As long as all the fake rolex other modules, sensors have been correctly replaced in hublot uk the vehicle the Airbag Module will omega replica watches plug back in with no fault codes stored and no warning light on the dashboard.

Please refer to our quotation page to request a price for your vehicle.


Tune-tec will remove all crash data and error codes and restore the Airbag control module to factory standard preserving all coding to the vehicle. It will be the responsibility of the customer to ensure that all deployed airbags, faulty sensors, pretensioners etc have been replaced and correctly conneced. On most vehicles if a sensor or airbag is not connected when power is restored to the Module this will result in the warning light reappearing on the dashboard. Tune-tec will not be responsible for this even though it can be cleared with Diagnostic equipment. Full instructions on how to reconnect the Airbag control module will be provided when it is returned to you.

Airbag Light Reset

If your vehicle has had an electrical problem or been involved in a crash our mobile service can come out to you to reset the dashboard airbag light. If the airbag light is on due to fault in the car we can also do a diagnostic scan to provide you with the exact error code so that you can get the fault repaired.

Please refer to our quotation page to request a price for your vehicle.

If you are a car body repair shop and have several vehicles per month needing this service please give us a call so that we can discuss a special contract price.

Service Light

If you prefer to have your vehicle serviced through a garage of your choice and not the main dealer Tune-tec can reset your service clock so you have a correct indication of when the next service is due and remove any annoying warning lights that come on each time you start the vehicle.

Please refer to our quotation page to request a price for your vehicle.
AUSTRALIA T-0466 264 120--E enquiries@tune-tec.com
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